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Electric Cylinder

The system is a servo electric cylinder, which is self-developed by Tianyu. Adopting the servo electric cylinder as the driving force converts the rotary motion of the servo motor into linear motion. At the same time, the best advantages of the servo motor: precise speed control, precise revolution control, and precise torque control are transformed into precise speed control, precise position control, and precise thrust control; a new revolutionary product with high-precision linear motion series. It has the features of high accuracy, simple maintenance, and flexible configuration, which can solve the problems of the occasions where the pressing tooling cannot be positioned or require high positioning accuracy. Therefore, electric cylinder is widely used in the motor industry, power tool industry, chemical industry, auto parts assembly industry, electronics industry, and mechanical automation industry.

Why is there Leakage in the Oil Cylinder of Hydraulic Press?

It may be caused for many reasons. The brand of the cylinder seal, the matching of the seal, the design of the seal groove, the production process of the piston rod, and the control mode of the cylinder will affect the service life of the electric cylinder. The design on the basis of the demand is the most suitable. The cylinder in the universal hydraulic press is designed and produced independently by Ningbo Tianyu Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. There is no leakage in the equipment with 10 years of operation without changing the sealing ring.

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