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Reasons for Servo Electric Cylinders in the Manufacturing Industry

Servo electric cylinders can be said to be ideal products that can be seen everywhere in the manufacturing industry and are very popular in the manufacturing industry. Servo motor is a device used to convert motion rotation into linear reciprocating use. It can well replace traditional hydraulic cylinders and air cylinders, and even has more advantages than these two. As servo electric cylinders are so popular in the manufacturing industry, its own advantages are inseparable.

1. Reasons why servo electric cylinders are concerned in the manufacturing industry

Servo electric cylinder has the advantages of high precision and high load, and can also complete various complex movements such as rotation and swing through various levers or connecting rods. The structure of the fast electric cylinder is also very simple and compact. It is directly driven by the motor. The overall footprint is small and it can be used in small spaces.

The whole of the servo press cylinder is made of aluminum alloy material, so the overall weight is also very light, and it is more convenient to place it anywhere. The operation of the electric cylinder is also very stable, mainly using a high-precision ball screw. Not only that, the size and stroke of the servo electric cylinder can be customized according to requirements.

The reason why the servo electric cylinder is very popular in the manufacturing industry is also the issue of cost. The cost of the servo electric cylinder is very low and the volume is very small. Because the product saves the oil pump and oil tank, it saves a lot of space. The energy consumption of the servo electric cylinder is low, and the failure rate of the product is also very low, so the use and maintenance are very convenient. As a professional company, we have electric cylinders for sale.

2. The aspects of the comparative advantages of servo electric cylinders and other products

The equipment installed and used by the manufacturer will definitely require the motor to supply a stable power source during work, so as to ensure the working results of the equipment. Therefore, many manufacturers today pay attention to the type and performance of the motor used in the equipment, and the electric motor. The cylinder is actually an assembly component used with the motor, so the working efficiency of the electric cylinder is very important. When the electric cylinder is running, it can directly affect the operation of the motor in a timely manner, so the electric cylinder made of advanced technology can achieve better application effect. What are the advantages and characteristics of electric cylinders compared with other types of products?

(1) Before the electric cylinder is put into use, the practical application of hydraulic cylinder products is relatively common, but this kind of product consumes a lot of energy during use, and also produces pollution, so it is not suitable for modern processing units to install and use.

(2) The servo electric cylinder integrates many technical methods on the basis of these traditional products, so the product performance is relatively superior, and the ideal work results can be completed without consuming a lot of energy during operation, which is also a relatively ideal eco-friendly product.

(3) In addition, the overall structure design of the electric cylinder is compact and reasonable, which saves space and makes the control of the motor more precise and in place.

(4) When using the electric cylinder, the work unit can design and customize the electric cylinder according to the actual application requirements. The electric cylinder is sensitive in the installation of the assembly components, so the electric cylinder can be used in a wide range. It can also meet the application needs of different industries.

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