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Brief Introduction Of Servo Press

Main features of servo press

  1. C-type servo press is a high precision intelligent press equipment which is driven by servo motor and can perform pressure assembly and pressure displacement detection by high precision ball screw, professional development of the control software to ensure that the whole process of accurate control of the pressure, stop position, pressure speed and holding time and other parameters, to achieve the whole process of CNC management. And we also provide related products such as  

    servo motor hydraulic press.

  2. Because of the accurate pressure and displacement control function of the equipment itself, there is no need for additional hard limit on the tooling, and different pressing procedures are only needed for processing products of different specifications, therefore, it can easily achieve a multi-purpose machine and kneading sex group line.

  3. The curves of the whole process of pressing force and displacement are displayed on the touch screen of the liquid crystal display. The whole process control can automatically determine whether the product is qualified or not at any stage during the operation, and all the defective products can be removed in real time, in order to achieve online management.

  4. Pressing force, pressing depth, pressing speed, holding time and so on all can be digital input on the Operation Panel, the interface is clear, easy to operate.

  5. Connect the U disk through the external port, can store the pressing data on the computer, ensure the traceability of the product processing data, and facilitate the management of the production quality control.

The advantage of servo press

  1. Increase productivity: the stroke length can be set to the minimum necessary for production to maintain the forming speed appropriate to the processing content.

  2. Energy-saving and Environmental Protection: the special control system adopts an intelligent servo energy-saving system, saving electricity 50%-70%.

  3. Security and precision: each electric press machine is equipped with infrared security grating, effective protection of operators, servo intelligent patent control, to ensure the machine repeated positioning accuracy of 0.01 mm, pressure error ± 1%.

  4. Low failure rate: servo intelligent patent control system, do not do useless work, greatly reduce the failure, extend the service life of electrical components, electrical equipment with fault self, dynamic alarm and one button reset function. Therefore we also provide products like bushing press machine.

  5. Stable and durable: the frame adopts the whole frame structure, the body adopts the integral casting, the built-in sensor, the slide adopts the precision guide rail to run, the anti-vibration and the side pressure are strong, the whole machine is stable, the precision is durable, suitable for blanking, molding, extrusion and other processes.

  6. Slide motion controllability: users can use this characteristic to design a slide motion mode suitable for the machining process, which can effectively improve the precision and stability of the product, and improve the die life and productivity, and it can realize silent blanking, even can expand the range of processing (such as magnesium alloy stamping, etc.), suitable for blanking, drawing, stamping and bending processes, as well as the characteristics of different materials curve. If the sliding block can stop running and keep pressure, the aim is to improve the forming quality of the parts.

  7. Easy maintenance: the machine according to different functional modes, designed into a module structure, easy to disassemble and assemble, general failure can be directly viewed through the touch screen, easy maintenance.

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