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Hydraulic Servo Press Working Principle and Development

Servo hydraulic press adopts servo motor to control the flow and pressure of oil pump, and then cooperate with pressure sensor to control each electromagnetism valve to control the slide block of hydraulic press, it can be called servo hydraulic press.

Hydraulic Servo Motor Working Principle

The working principle of the servo hydraulic press is that the servo motor directly drives the gear pump to supply oil, the pressure is stable, the spindle of the servo hydraulic press machine is repeatedly positioned downward with high precision, the pump control technology is adopted, the energy conservation and environmental protection are good, the rigidity is good, the noise is low, high efficiency, good flexibility, hydraulic servo system for its response speed, load stiffness, control power and other unique advantages of large industrial control has been widely used. And if you may have interest, we also provide servo motor hydraulic press.

  • On the operating table can be pressed into the depth, pressure time, pressure for numerical input, the operation is very simple.

  • When the servo hydraulic machine is pressed, the whole process of pressure and displacement can be displayed on the LCD frequency, the whole process of pressing can be managed on line, and the product can be judged whether it is qualified or not at any stage, can be timely removal of defective goods.

  • Its external end is connected to the computer, can be pressed to save data to the computer, thus ensuring data traceability, easy to manage.

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Development trend of servo hydraulic press

Compared with the common hydraulic press, the overall control system does not contain proportional servo valve or proportional pump, with the advantages of energy saving, low noise, low temperature rise, good flexibility, high efficiency and convenient maintenance, the clothes-driven hydraulic press can replace most of the existing ordinary hydraulic press and has a broad market prospect. Compared with the traditional hydraulic press, the servo-driven hydraulic press can save 30% ~ 70% of electricity according to the processing technology and production rhythm.

Hydraulic servo system is to make the system output, such as displacement, speed or force, can automatically, quickly and accurately follow the changes in the input, at the same time, the output power is greatly amplified. Hydraulic servo system has been widely used in industrial control because of its unique advantages such as fast response, high load stiffness and high control power.

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