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What Precautions Should Be Taken Before Refueling the CNC Hydraulic Press?

We believe the CNC hydraulic press has been familiar to everyone through the previous introduction, but do you know that there are any problems with the CNC hydraulic press that should be paid attention to before refueling? The following is a brief introduction by TIANYU, a CNC hydraulic press manufacturer.

1. How to select lubricating oil for CNC hydraulic press

Hydraulic oil is very important for CNC hydraulic presses, so how to choose suitable hydraulic oil? Generally speaking, the selection of hydraulic oil should follow the following specifications: excellent function, reasonable price, reliable quality and easy management. So how do we choose lubricating oil when taking these characteristics into account?

Select the appropriate hydraulic oil according to the working conditions of the CNC hydraulic press machine; when selecting the hydraulic oil for the CNC hydraulic press, it is necessary to select the hydraulic oil with a small volume expansion coefficient and a high specific heat capacity; the selection of the hydraulic oil for the CNC hydraulic press should be based on the actual temperature in the region, and then the suitable label and viscosity grade of lubrication oil can be determined; when we choose the hydraulic oil of the hydraulic press machies, including 

hydraulic press for bearing fitting, the low active point and freezing point, high burning point and flash point of the hydraulic oil of the hydraulic press are also the main factors to consider; when choosing the viscosity grade of the hydraulic oil of the CNC hydraulic press, first of all the working pressure of the hydraulic system, the ambient temperature and the speed of movement should be considered. As for press machine, we also have bushing press machine if you have interest.

2. Precautions before refueling the CNC hydraulic press

Apart from CNC hydraulic press, we also have servo motor hydraulic press. But all these products need to be specially taken care of.

Carefully inspect and clean the hydraulic oil tank before refueling the CNC hydraulic press machine. After filtering the oil through a filter with 100 mesh or larger, inject it into the fuel tank. Hydraulic oil should be replaced every 8 to 12 months and should be checked regularly every month. During replacement, the effective volume of the hydraulic tank is approximately 520 liters. Note: Clean the fuel tank before refueling. Cotton cloth is strictly prohibited, while silk cloth or edible flour is recommended.

When refueling the CNC hydraulic press machine, pay attention to the oil level height at the middle position on the level gauge, which is not allowed to lower than or exceed the range of the level gauge. During the debugging process, attention should be paid to the change of the hydraulic oil level of the CNC hydraulic press. After operation, replenish the hydraulic oil to the low position of the oil level. The unit that uses the CNC hydraulic press should formulate the maintenance and repair system of the machine, and strictly abide by it. Maintenance of CNC hydraulic presses should be carried out by qualified and skilled personnel. Operators of CNC hydraulic presses can only perform simple maintenance on protective devices, general lubricating parts, manual operating parts that only work on mechanical parts, and labels and signs of CNC hydraulic presses.

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