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What Help Does Servo Presses Have for the Machine Tool Industry?

We use a lot of machinery in life, and servo presses generally refer to presses that use servo motors to carry out push control. Including servo presses for metal material casting and special servo presses for refractory insulation materials and other fields. Due to the mechanized characteristics of the servo motor, it is sometimes commonly referred to as a CNC machine tool press. The servo press drives the axial force transmission gear according to a servo motor to complete the whole process of the slider fitness movement. According to the intricate electrical control, the servo press can freely program the stroke arrangement, speed, working pressure, etc. of the slider, and even achieve the nominal tonnage of the press when running at a slow speed. Let me introduce to you the help of servo presses to the machine tool industry.

1. Servo presses must comprehensively consider safety and technical issues

At present, when testing the servo electric press, the operator is mainly still using the experience obtained from the CNC operation before. People can design new drives based on technical standards and gained experience. Therefore, press technology is in the process of transitioning to a new technology. In order to be able to concentrate and apply the advantages of drives and automation technology in one press, safety technology must also be fully considered. And for related products, we also have servo motor hydraulic press.

2. The help of servo press for machine tool industry

The operating speed, force and torque of the servo press can be precisely and dynamically adjusted with the help of the servo drive and can be disengaged to achieve the ideal movement pattern. In addition, if the workpiece dimensions are complex, the production process and material and yield point strength can be better achieved. The forming process of the workpiece has been greatly improved, which improves the quality of the workpiece and minimizes the scrap rate. In addition, the production environment of servo presses has changed, and the oil-free residue of workpieces has also decreased.

When retrofitting conventional presses, the cams have to be adapted mechanically, which usually takes a long time. With the help of control equipment, servo presses avoid such adjustment processes. Due to the reliable monitoring of the operating speed of the press, dynamic control technology offers the possibility of minimising the risk of new control procedures during operation or testing, when parts of the protection system are inactive. In this way, the modification time of the press is greatly shortened, and the production efficiency of the press can be improved when processing a small number of workpieces. Vacuum hot press machine are also popular among customers.

Dynamically controlled drive technology is safe and reliable and therefore a reliable addition to the operational safety of servo presses. "Intervention in the hazardous working parts of the press eliminates the need for forced shutdowns while the machine is working, and there are no downtimes and processing scraps."

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