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This electric servo press machine is a high-end CNC drilling machine for panel furniture, which has the advantages of high processing efficiency and a high degree of automation. The electric servo mechanical press can realize six-sided position processing and front and back groove processing at a time.

TY10 series electric servo pressing machine is independently developed and designed by the professional servo press manufacturer Ningbo Tianyu Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd with independent intellectual property rights. The servo electric press machine is specially used for the pressing accessories of bearing, shaft sleeve water pump, turbocharger, gearbox, gear, chassis parts, rear axle, and bushing of the subframe shock absorber. Electric servo mechanical press has the advantages of high automation, high precision positioning, energy-saving, environmentally friendly, simple operation, convenient data storage, and traceability.

servo mechanical press
  • servo mechanical press
  • servo electric press china
  • electric servo press size chart
  • servo mechanical press
  • servo electric press china
  • electric servo press size chart

Operating Principle Of Electric Servo Press Machine

Electric servo press is called servo pressing or servo press for short. Its working principle is that the high precision ball screw is driven by the servo motor to perform the precision pressure assembly operation. It can realize the closed-loop control of pressing force and pressing depth in the pressure assembly operation to realize the precision pressing of online quality management. In addition, the equipment has the function of online detection, which can draw the real-time force-displacement curve, and avoid unqualified products. Electric servo mechanical press also has the function of audible and visual alarm, and saving and downloading the pressing data.

Electric Servo Press Machine Technical Parameters

Output range3-10kN3-30kN5-50kN10-100kN
Cylinder stroke250mm250mm250mm250mm
Decreasing speed1-250mm/s1-135mm/s1-100mm/s1-166mm/s
Rising spaed1-250mm/s1-135mm/s1-100mm/s1-166mm/s
Pressing speed1-30mm/s
Displacenent oontrol procislon±0.01mm
Measuring pracision≤0.1%FS
Power supplysingle-phase AC220V50Hzthree-phase AC380V 50Hz
Motor power1.3kW1.8kW3kW7.5kW
Machine weight500kg650kg700kg900kg
Power consumption of the equipment per hour≈0.5kW/h(600per hour)≈0.7kW(600per hour)≈1kW/h(600per hour)≈2kW/h(600per hour)
load in screw mobile16.5kN39kN57.4kN114kN

Electric Servo Press Machine Size Chart

Electric Servo Press Machine Size Chart

Electric Servo Press Machine Working Process Video


Product Use Of Electric Servo Press Machine

Suitable for the interference assembly of various parts assembly with the pressing force between 10-100kn, including but not limited to the accessories of precision instruments, electronics, bearing, shaft sleeves, water pump, turbocharger, gearbox, gear, automobile chassis parts, rear axle, and bushing of the subframe shock absorber. The electric servo mechanical press is mainly suitable for tooling being unable to have hard-limited pressing.

Main Functions Of Electric Servo Press Machine

Pressing mode: positioning pressing; constant pressure pressing; cycle pressing of several parts

Quality control: peak pressure detection; in-place detection; interference fit detection

Data tracking: data networking; data report; data download

Error proofing function: tooling zero-point detection; user account management

Tooling management: product bar code scanning; tooling bar code scanning; user account authority allocation

Industry Pain Points Of Electric Servo Press Machine

1. Low automation, relying on manual labor, and high error rate;

2. The pressed parts are easily deformed with large positioning errors;

3. The limited energy-saving efficiency fails to meet the requirements of the equipment in the dust-free workshop;

4. The limited quality management results in a high probability of unqualified products;

5. The complicated operation relies on the personnel's experience;

6. The simple pressing mode with low universality fails to press with constant pressure;

7. Data storage is complicated and difficult to trace.

Electric Servo Press Machine Advantages

1. Meet the data requirements of Industry 4.0

Based on the roles of various departments of the enterprise and the concept of quality management, the equipment operating system is specially developed and designed by combining the data requirements of Industry 4.0.

2. High-precision positioning function

The equipment has the function of high-precision positioning, which is especially suitable for product assembly without positioning devices. The whole machine adopts the high-rigidity design to reduce the positioning errors caused by the deformation of various parts after being stressed.

3. Driven by electric power, environmentally friendly, and energy saving. Compared with the traditional pneumatic and universal hydraulic press, the energy-saving effect of the electric servo mechanical press is more than 80%. And it is more environmentally friendly and safer and meets the requirements of equipment in dust-free workshops.

4. Online quality management, 100% removal of unqualified products

The curve diagram of the whole process of pressing force and displacement can be displayed on the LCD touch screen, and the whole process control can automatically judge whether the product is qualified at any operation stage, and the unqualified products are 100% removed. And it helps to realize online quality management.

5. Human-computer interaction, simple operation

Pressing force, press-in-depth, pressing speed, and pressure-holding time can all be easily input on the human-computer interface with a friendly interface.

6. Mass pressing program to meet the requirements of multiple scenarios

TY103 can customize, store, and call out 9,999,999 sets of pressing programs. A variety of pressing programs are available to meet the customers’ different requirements.

7. Convenient data storage and traceability

Through the USB interface or the Ethernet interface, the pressing data can be stored in a U disk or server, ensuring the traceability of product processing data and the control and management of production quality.

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