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Why is the Vacuum Heat Press Popular?

The heating technology equipment in the hot press is initially embedded with electric heating in the hot pressing mold or hot pressing plate for research heating, so we can directly analyze and heat, which can effectively reduce heat loss. However, it also has disadvantages, mainly that the heating temperature distribution is not uniform, and the temperature data of the control environment cannot be very accurate, and the electric heating used is easy to be burned out.

Therefore, there is indirect heating, which is mainly to open a hot runner on the hot-pressed plate, and then heat it through a heat-conducting oil heater, so as to continuously overcome the above-mentioned shortcomings, but the heat loss will be slightly larger, but the impact is not great.

The vacuum hot press is a kind of hot pressing plate placed in a vacuum negative pressure box for hot pressing.

Ⅰ. Functions of vacuum heat press products

1. The vacuum heat press adopts PLC control management system and pulse heating treatment method, and cooperates with titanium alloy hot pressing head to realize rapid economic development and warming up.

2. The control system of the vacuum heat press adopts a touch screen LCD to display data input, and all relevant parameters can be set to browse concisely and intuitively.

3. The heating of the vacuum heat press machine is divided into two groups, the four pressure heads are lifted up and down for heating, and the double position design can align the pressed products at the same time when the products are pressed, so as to improve the production efficiency. We also have hot press for c frame products.

Ⅱ. The application of vacuum heat press

Ideal processing equipment for furniture, cabinet doors, decoration materials, paint-free doors, artwork, advertising, speaker industry, plastic PVC, plastic film, Boeing film, using heat conduction oil to dissipate aluminum plate heating, which can avoid orange peel on the surface of the cabinet door, and can be used for various high-gloss materials, high-grade PVC, heat transfer and single-sided veneer surface decoration. 

It is natrual for electric press machine being so popular.

With the continuous development of processing automation, in order to meet market demand, vacuum heat press manufacturers have begun to shift their focus from production and variety to the integration of press manufacturing technology and automated processing. Grinding is precision machining to ensure the machining size and accuracy of machining, so the vacuum heat press is required to have high manufacturing and assembly accuracy. However, the requirements of the modern manufacturing industry for the vacuum heat press are not limited to this, and the press is also required to be highly automated, but if someone asks what function the press must have, it must be called an automatic heat press, because the grinding process is very different and cannot generalize. The degree of automation places high demands on the machine tool itself, and not all devices have these functions. The vacuum heat press needs to adopt a modular design to meet the flexible processing needs of different users. In addition, the machine tool also needs to have a high computing speed and a very wide range of interfaces to enhance the match with the automation system.

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