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Several Installation Points to Ensure the Quality of the Servo Electric Cylinder

When we want to use the servo electric cylinder better, in order to ensure the quality of use, in addition to purchasing high-quality equipment, the installation of the servo electric cylinder should also be done well. If the installation is not good, it is very likely to affect the use experience, let TIANYU explain to you the advantages of servo electric cylinders in production and the main points of installation.

1. The advantages of servo electric cylinder in production

In the beverage and food industry, vehicle and heavy machinery manufacturing, mechanical equipment designers and project engineers must understand the quality and efficiency of parts. That's why they often identify a variety of linear motion professionals to build their component assembly lines or connect solutions to the entire process, guaranteeing machines capable of producing and machining high-quality parts for demanding geographic conditions. Fortunately, servo electric cylinders provide project engineers with solutions that improve the coordination, accuracy and efficiency of traditional fluid mechanics expertise. As you may have noticed, we have electric cylinders for sale.

The advantage of the servo press cylinder is that it can improve part quality, assembly line control module disassembly time and automated production line efficiency even when the production line is assembled and assembled. In the past, the assembly line station used hydraulic cylinders, which could not control the overall contour of the movement during the entire assembly line process, but with servo electric cylinders, it became different. Servo motor oil cylinder has the advantages of high precision, high accuracy and long life. In addition, the actuator of the servo electric cylinder provides a coordinated and professional disassembly option for rapid product transition, eliminating the leaks and unexpected standby conditions that often occur in hydraulic transmission system software. And we can offer you a competitive electric cylinder price, if you may have interest.

2. Several installation points to ensure the quality of the servo electric cylinder

(1) Select the stroke and installation distance

First of all, we need to confirm the stroke of the electric cylinder that needs to work on your equipment, and then install the electric cylinder in a suitable position. Secondly, we need to make sure that the volume of the electric cylinder does not exceed the space we install, and select a suitable electric cylinder that can be installed in the space.

(2) Confirm the load and speed

To clarify the usage scenarios of the equipment and the required loads, it is necessary to specifically consider the usage scenarios of the electric cylinders, and compare the specifications of each electric cylinder to select the appropriate equipment.

(3) Determine the voltage or select the controller

Select the specific working voltage of the electric cylinder, and which type of electric cylinder is required should be selected according to the control system or PLC circuit designed by yourself. Whether it is a control system or an electric cylinder, both need to be used together.

In order to use the electric cylinder better, it is recommended that you input the DC voltage according to the rated voltage of the electric cylinder motor, and the supply DC voltage can provide the current under the load, that is, the rated current. If you provide the power supply and controller by yourself, please install the overload monitoring device by yourself to ensure that the output shaft of the electric cylinder can cut off the power supply at the limit position or under overload operation, and properly control and ensure it.

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