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How Much Do You Know About the Control System of Servo Press?

Servo press uses servo motor as power, with ball screw as pressure transmission component, and PLC control. It runs smoothly without crawling, can set multiple intermediate stop points, and each stroke can set different speed and pressure. It has stepless speed change and completely overcomes many defects of existing pneumatic presses. The overall structure is simple, the design is scientific, and the production efficiency is high.

Composition of servo press

Servo press machine is mainly composed of frame, head, workbench, servo motor, push rod, pressure plate and control switch. The head is fixed on the cantilever of the frame, and the servo motor is vertically installed on the head. The lower end of the servo motor is coaxially connected with the push rod, and the lower end of the push rod is installed with the pressure plate. The workbench is fixed on the lower part of the frame. The electric servo press is connected to the push rod at the lower end through the ball screw. The control switch is installed on the outside of the corresponding pressure plate on the workbench symmetrically. The control switch is a linkage double-handed start button.

Servo press is one of the important equipment in the manufacturing industry

It is also the main forming equipment in modern information products, machinery, electronics, instruments and other industries. Traditional presses have the disadvantages of small process possibility, complex structure and difficult manufacturing. With the development of mechanical processing and the improvement of forming technology, the development of servo press machine is towards high efficiency, high accuracy, high processing quality and flexible manufacturing. Servo press combines the advantages of easy operation and stable work of traditional press, fully utilizes the controllability and digitization of servo motor, greatly improves the automation, flexibility and processing range of press. Therefore, machines like servo hydraulic press machine are also popular among customers.

Control system of servo press

The output port of the drive unit is connected to the servo motor, and the output port of the motion controller is connected to the input port of the drive unit through high-speed optical fiber communication. The input end of the motion controller is connected to the expansion board. The hybrid module and the high-speed counting module for detecting the slide block position quantity and the modulus conversion module are installed on the expansion board. The PLC input terminal block and output terminal block are respectively connected to the hybrid module. The angle sensor is installed at the end of the press crankshaft, and its signal line is connected to the high-speed counting module to provide the angle signal when the crankshaft rotates. The active magnetic ring of the magnetostrictive displacement sensor is fixedly connected to the press slide block, and its signal line is connected to the modulus conversion module to provide the displacement signal of the slide block. The control system directly detects the displacement of the slide block. There are also servo motor hydraulic press machine provided by us.

Servo press machine, as a new type of press, has good controllability, meets the requirements of high efficiency, high precision and high flexibility in machining, expands the processing range and process, improves the quality of stamping parts, and is the main trend of press development. The development of servo press promotes the further development of the press industry, enhances the market competitiveness of the manufacturing industry, and has achieved good economic and social benefits.

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