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High Temperature Vacuum Heat Press

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The hot press vacuum press is used for the test parameters of the material properties, including the fluidity of composite materials, resin fluidity, and gel time. The composite material is formed after hot pressing and curing. The parameters of temperature and pressure in the hot pressing process are the two important parameters for composite forming. As one of the most hydraulic heat press machine manufacturers, the vacuum hot press machine in our laboratory adopts the temperature controller, PLC controller, and servo controller and connects with the HMI (human-machine interface) for communication, with reasonable design and concise configuration.

HMI (human-machine interface) sends the industrial parameters to the temperature controller in real time. Meanwhile, the PLC controller and servo controller record the actual working parameters into the database in real time, which can accurately control the working temperature and pressure accuracy. It will be helpful for the process parameter setting, process control, monitoring in real-time, and post-tracking of composite hot pressing, which meets the requirements of actual use.

High Temperature Vacuum Heat Press
  • High Temperature Vacuum Heat Press

Working Process Of High-Temperature Vacuum Heat Press

Function Of Hydraulic Hot Press Machine

1. Provide 20-200kn settable press mounting force (set on the screen) and non-standard customization;

2. The temperature of the upper and lower heating plates is controlled separately and heated at a constant temperature, and the heating temperature can be set in real-time (normal temperature - 300 ℃);

3. The pressure holding time can be set (0-24h), and the pressure can be maintained for a long time. With the automatic pressure compensation function, the pressure control accuracy is 0.1%;

4. The hydraulic hot press machine is equipped with a maximum of 10 groups of press mounting modes and multi-stage press mounting, which can be selected by one or more groups. For example, the temperature of the first group is set to be 100 ℃, with a pressure of 50 KN and a pressure holding time of five minutes. The temperature of the second group is set to be 150 ℃, with a pressure of 100 KN and a pressure holding time of five minutes, etc., which can be programmed automatically;

5. The heating rate of the upper and lower heating can be set; The maximum can be customized according to the customer's requirements, ℃ / M(unit);

6. Product preheating function. The preheating time can be set to Use / Not Use on the screen;

7. Add the water cooling channel, which can be set to Use / Not Use on the screen;

8. Hot press vacuum press has the function of process pressure/time curve drawing, and the curve can be saved, exported, and downloaded to the server;

9. Vacuum heat press machine has the function of drawing process temperature/time curve, and the temperature curve can be saved, exported, and downloaded to the server;

10. There are 12 administrator accounts set in the system. The system administrator can add and delete the operation users according to the actual situation, and assign operation permissions to limit the scope of use of operation users;

11. The modification and calling of parameters can only be operated by entering a password or USB+key. It can store 999,999 sets of press mounting parameters. The administrator has the permission to modify and save the parameters, while the operator only has the permission to call in the selection drawing number;

12. The lead insulation can be set to reach the temperature value ("set the target temperature" - "lead insulation") and enter the insulation stage;

13. Temperature upper / lower limit alarm: it refers to that the equipment will sound an alarm when the actual temperature is less than (set temperature - this set value) or more than (set temperature + this set value) in insulation;

14. Pressure upper / lower limit alarm: the hot vacuum press will sound an alarm when the actual output value is less than (preset pressure - this set value) or more than (preset pressure + this set value);

15. Cavity/core temperature correction: the cavity temperature deviation can be calibrated by modifying this parameter (for example, if the cavity temperature is displayed as 160 ℃ and the actual temperature is 156 ℃, this parameter can be set to - 4 for calibration);

16. With the function of uploading and downloading the formula;

17. The parameters of pressure, temperature, heating rate, pressure holding time, preheating time, and water cooling can be set on the screen;

18. There are two press mounting modes: pressure mode, press mounting to the set pressure and maintaining the pressure; displacement mode, press mounting to the set position (available to no mold limit).

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