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Reducing Machine for Automobile Shock Absorber

TY801 reducing series is a kind of mechanical equipment specially developed by Tianyu Machinery for the manufacturers of automobile shock absorbers with years of experience. It can be used for setting the outer diameter of automobile shock absorber bushing, trailing arm bushing, control arm bushing, suspension rubber sleeve, support arm bushing, and rubber sleeve. Different from the traditional equipment, it has stable production and simple fixtures and has the advantages of low power consumption, high production efficiency, and low cost. With its excellent performance, this series of equipment plays a leading role in the automotive rubber absorption industry at home and abroad.

In China's automobile shock absorption industry, 90% of manufacturers supplying bushings to automobile main engine companies adopt our standard reducing machines, such as Wuxi Vibracoustic, Suzhou Tenneco, Jiangsu Luoshi, Shanghai Zhongli, Anhui Zhongding and Ningbo Tuopu. And this equipment has also been designated as the supporting supplier of standard production equipment by China's rail transit.

FAQs Of Reducing Machine

  • Why does the bushing need to be reduced in diameter/neck?

    Most of the bushings are produced by injection machines. Under high temperature and high pressure, the bushing will meet the thermal expansion and contraction, and the outer diameter will be changed. The roundness and size fail to meet the requirements, and there will be stress after the rubber is cooled, which will seriously affect the service life of the bushing. The bushing reducing machine produced by Ningbo Tianyu Machinery Equipment can perfectly solve this problem. Nearly all the top ten bushing manufacturers in China adopt their equipment.

  • The impact of high oil temperature of the reducing machine on the equipment

    The high temperature will cause the aging of the seals in the hydraulic components. And the hydraulic oil will age so quickly that it will shorten the service cycle. Controlling the oil temperature is not only to add a cooling system, but also the design and control of the whole hydraulic system. As for this aspect, Ningbo Tianyu Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. has done a good job. Although the equipment without a cooling system runs continuously for 8 hours, the oil temperature is only 35 ℃.

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