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Important Protection Components of Vacuum Heat Press Machines

A vacuum heat press machine will heat up two pre -aid welding tin -plated parts to the temperature that is sufficient to melt and flow the weld. After curing, forming a long -term electrical mechanical connection equipment between parts and welds. For different products, the heating speed is available for selection; the temperature is controlled, clear and meticulous; the digital pressure meter is prepared, and the pressure range can be preset. The vacuum heat press machine is mainly composed of the host frame, the hydraulic cylinder, the heating plate, the hydraulic system, and the electronic control system. Without cost, it uses new materials, new processes, and imported components to ensure the continuous improvement of the overall quality of the product.

1. Important protection components of vacuum heat press machines

Vacuum hot press machine is a branch semiconductor device for electronic manufacturing equipment. It has high precision requirements. It is equipped with a visual system. Equipment design generally prohibits polluting air composition, such as oil and other pollution air, as well as general accessories using cylinder and linear guide rails. When using a vacuum heat press machine, you need to connect the air source, pull up the pressure adjustment button up, adjust the compressed air pressure, adjust the clockwise clockwise regulation to the general aspect, and place the appropriate thickness; connect the 220V AC power supply, the manual valve does not need this operation. Open the power switch, at this time, the speed of exercise is slow until it reaches the modulation pressure; the manual valve type opens the manual valve, and the cylinder drops until the stress is reached.

A good hydraulic cylinder work is very important for vacuum thermal compressors, so manufacturers must protect the hydraulic cylinder of many layers of heat compressors. Such details are one of the important influencing factors that determine the company's own profit and loss. We are able to offer a reasonable servo cylinder price. Essence Because the piston of the hydraulic cylinder is to extend the oil cylinder in the working state, this requires us to apply an appropriate amount of oil to protect it, so as not to be eroded as the piston as a load -bearing part and a discount may occur during work. In the vacuum heat press machine work, the hydraulic cylinder must be appropriately controlled, so that the service life of the hydraulic cylinder can be extended. Internal installation buffer device is useful for the protection of the hydraulic cylinder. We also have products such as 

servo press cylinder.

2. How to install and use the vacuum heat press machine buffer pad

The installation of the vacuum heat press machine buffer pad is basically placing the buffer pads on the vacuum heat press machine smoothly, and the surface of the heat compressor is cleaned without leaving any metal objects such as any debris and oil stains. Press the buffer pad for 30min according to the work requirements, and then put it into use after the distance is fixed. The service life is prolonged and the flatness is good. Note that if you accidentally displacement during installation, do not pull the pliers hard to avoid damage and affect the use. Generally, do not make the surface of the oil stains, so as not to affect the effect of use and shorten the service life. How to install and use the vacuum heat press machine buffer pad:

(1) Go up first. When the buffer pad is used in the new use, there is a process of sticker (service). Put the new buffer pad to the upper press. After using it for a period of time, adjust it to the lower press machine to ensure the good effect of the pressed surface and extend the service life.

(2) One board and one pad. Because a piece of vacuum heat press machine can buffer pads often use continuously with and multiple different template technologies, it is easy to cause twists and turns of the cushion pads when changing templates, affecting the life of a buffer pad. A stainless steel template is equipped with a buffer pad. While changing the steel plate, the buffer pad is maintained to avoid continuous management of the buffer pad at high temperature at 18° C-220 ° C, which naturally shortens the product life.

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