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Introduction to Electric Cylinder

Ⅰ. What is an electric cylinder?

Electric cylinders are also called servo electric cylinders, electric actuators, electric slides, linear slides, and industrial robotic arms. It is a modular product that integrates the servo motor and the lead screw, which can convert the rotary motion of the servo motor into linear motion, and at the same time convert the best advantages of the servo motor: precise speed control, precise rotation control, and precise torque control into precise speed control, precise position control, precise force control. It is a new revolutionary product that can realize high-precision linear motion series.

Ⅱ. The composition of the electric cylinder

The structure of the electric cylinder for sale is relatively simple, and it mainly includes four parts: the driving mechanism, the reduction device, the linear transmission mechanism and the mechanism.

The types of drive motors: DC motor, AC motor, stepper motor, servo motor, etc.

Reduction device: generally gear reduction, worm gear, planetary gear, harmonic reduction

Linear transmission mechanism: trapezoidal screw, ball screw, roller screw, sliding guide.

Ⅲ. The classification of electric cylinders

According to the development status of automation, it can be divided into three categories: short-stroke series, high-rigidity series, and thin series.

Fast electric cylinder can be divided into two categories in terms of shape and structure: linear electric cylinders and fold-back electric cylinders.

Ⅳ. The application of electric cylinder

1. Electric cylinders can replace hydraulic and pneumatic places. They are upgraded products of hydraulic and pneumatic equipment. They are all-electric and multi-degree-of-freedom etc. And we also have products including servo press cylinder.

2. Experimental equipment: high-frequency vibration table, high-frequency impact table, simulation platform, test bench, wave generator;

3. Special equipment: industrial automation production line, assembly line, coordinate machinery, lifting table, offset control, valve control, mechanical equipment, galam force, food and medicine industry, CNC machine tools, industrial packaging machine, automotive electronic press machine, textile equipment, winding machine indexing, mold position control, clamping, drilling, positioning, automatic adjustment control, etc.;

4. Military equipment: special equipment such as radar support frame, lifting mechanism of the launching platform, missile erecting frame, hatch opening cylinder, artillery pitching drive device, electric leveling mechanism of the vehicle body, missile casing turning mechanism, mine sweeping robot arm, six-degree-of-freedom swing mechanism, track adjustment mechanism, bomb grasping mechanism, and shelter expansion mechanism.

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