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Lubrication and Grease: the Maintenance "Smart Duo" for Electric Cylinder

With the continuous development of science and technology, electric cylinders have become widely used in various fields. Some companies with high requirements for finished products have gradually introduced precision electric cylinders to improve production efficiency and product quality, and obtain more economic benefits. So, how can we better maintain electric cylinders during use?

Aspects to pay attention to in electric cylinder maintenance

During the application of equipment, the lubrication aspect should be done well, especially before use, to fully prepare for lubrication. Insufficient lubrication can easily cause greater resistance during subsequent operation, leading to increased friction and ultimately increased wear of the equipment, affecting the service life of the equipment.

There are two main ways to lubricate a fast electric cylinder: manual lubrication and automatic forced lubrication. The operator needs to choose the appropriate lubrication method according to the speed of equipment operation. The lubrication frequency should be adjusted according to the operating condition environment of the equipment. Generally, it is recommended to add grease every 100 kilometers. Lubricate according to the time of electric cylinder use. It is generally recommended to add oil every 2 to 3 months for electric cylinders running for 24 hours. If there is any abnormal noise during the low-speed or medium-speed operation of the electric cylinder, it needs to be returned to the factory for inspection. If there is any damage to the piston, it also needs to be returned to the manufacturer for repair. We offer various products such as servo press cylinder.

Daily maintenance of a electric cylinder can extend its service life

The use of servo electric cylinders can enable enterprises to produce more precise linear motion products. It mainly uses the combination of the motor and the screw to achieve the production goal. Due to the complex structure and application of electric cylinders, higher requirements are placed on operation and maintenance, which can better extend the service life.

And we have electric cylinders for sale. Before use, the equipment needs to be lubricated according to the above standards, so as to reduce wear and tear during subsequent use. Control the time of each lubrication. Generally, after the overall operating time of the servo electric cylinder exceeds 300 hours, lubricating oil must be added. In most cases, it is required to start adding after the electric cylinder has been used for more than 200 hours, which is more conducive to the protection of the equipment. When adding oil to the electric cylinder, the oil inlet hole on the outer shell of the equipment needs to be opened, and oil needs to be added; for the screw, it is necessary to find the oil inlet hole on the screw and add appropriate lubricating grease. 

The application of electric cylinders in various production fields is becoming more and more extensive, and many enterprises have begun to operate precision electric cylinders. However, their cost is still relatively high, so during the entire use of the equipment, relevant maintenance work must be done well to avoid improper use leading to accelerated wear and increased production costs.

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