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The Difference Between Servo Press and Ordinary Hydraulic Press

The main difference between servo presses and ordinary hydraulic presses is the power source: the power source of traditional hydraulic presses and pneumatic presses is compressed air of hydraulic oil, and the execution device is a hydraulic cylinder/pneumatic cylinder. The main control objects of the equipment are the hydraulic oil/compressed air pressure, and the speed of hydraulic oil/compressed air entering and exiting the cylinder.

1. The difference between a servo press and an ordinary hydraulic press

The power source of the electric servo press is electricity, and the actuator is the servo motor (the equipment converts the rotary motion of the servo motor into the linear motion of the pressing shaft through a series of mechanisms) to control the pressure by the servo voltage. Control the size of the current and voltage to control the pressing force and travel speed of the pressing shaft. The functional advantages of the servo press are unmatched by other presses.

(1) The defective products are automatically judged during the press-fitting process. After the equipment is set to go online and offline, the alarm will stop when it exceeds the online and offline. The background can query the alarm fault.

(2) The whole process curve of pressing force and displacement can be displayed on the LCD touch screen; the whole process control can automatically determine whether the product is qualified or not at any stage of the operation, and remove defective products 100% in real time, thereby realizing online quality management.

(3) The pressing force, pressing depth, pressure speed, pressure holding time, etc. can all be numerically input on the operation panel.

(4) 100 sets of press-fitting programs can be customized, stored and called; seven press-fitting modes are available to meet your different process needs.

(5) By connecting to the computer through the external port, the press-fitting data can be stored in the computer to ensure the traceability of the product processing data and facilitate the production quality control management.

(6) The high-precision characteristics of realizing full closed-loop control of pressure and displacement are unmatched by other types of presses.

2. The influence of the speed of the servo press on the purchase of hydraulic cylinders

There are so many types of mechanical equipment, and not all products are known to everyone. A Servo press is a kind of press. Will the speed of its use have a certain impact on the purchase of hydraulic cylinders?

(1) When the servo press moves at a low speed. When the hydraulic cylinder of the servo motor hydraulic press moves at a low speed, special attention should be paid to the problem of crawling. There are many reasons why hydraulic cylinders crawl, but there are more than three areas of savings. On the other hand, the frictional force of the relative moving parts of the hydraulic cylinder propulsion mechanism is too large, the frictional resistance changes, and there is dirt on the mutual friction surface. For example, the adjustment between the guide rails of the machine tool table is too tight, the lubrication conditions are poor, etc.

(2) Internal reasons for the hydraulic system. For example, the flow stability of the variable speed width is poor, the compressibility of the oil, the water hammer of the system, the mixing of air, the uncleanness of the oil, the pulsation of hydraulic pressure, the unreasonable circuit design, and the threat of no back pressure.

(3) Reasons inside the hydraulic cylinder. Such as excessive sealing friction, unreasonable sliding clearance, low machining accuracy and cleanliness, air mixed in the hydraulic cylinder, poor rigidity of the piston rod, etc.

3. Brief Introduction Of Servo Motor Hydraulic Press Machine By TIANYU


TIANYU's products like hydraulic press for bearing fitting provide reliable and accurate performance for your business needs. This machine's operating system meets the data requirements of Industry 4.0 and is specially designed to adhere to the quality management concept of the auto parts enterprise. It utilizes a hydraulic servo system, which consists of a drive, servo motor, and sensor to form a closed-loop system, greatly improving the machine's stability. Moreover, compared with traditional hydraulic circuits, this machine has a large number of integrated hydraulic components, reducing the chances of failure and making debugging simpler. The control is also stable and applicable to the assembly of components with a force of 50-1000 kN that needs to be overfilled. Get in touch with us today to find out more!

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