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Precautions and Maintenance Methods During Operation of Vacuum Heat Press

Before using the vacuum heat press, you must carefully read the operating instructions and precautions, which are very important contents in the use process, and must be strictly followed when installing and maintaining the vacuum heat press. The following is a brief introduction to the precautions and maintenance methods during the use of the vacuum heat press.

Ⅰ. Precautions during the operation of the vacuum heat press

1. The voltage of the power supply should be stable before use, otherwise it will damage the equipment. The wires, fuses, and sockets of the power supply of the vacuum heat press should meet the requirements of the electrical load listed in the manual.

2. The electrical appliances of the vacuum hot press should be installed according to the requirements in terms of grounding safety of the power cord of the heat press, and the dust on the power plug should be cleaned in time to prevent electric shock or fire.

3. It is not allowed to extend the power cord by wiring in the middle of the power cord. It is forbidden to use a multi-hole socket or use a socket connection as an extension cord to avoid the danger of fire or electric shock caused by contact, poor insulation or exceeding the allowable current.

4. Vacuum heat presses cannot be installed where flammable gas may leak, because when the leaked gas gathers around the equipment, there is a danger of explosion.

5. The power plug must be unplugged before installation, cleaning, maintenance and repair of equipment. Be careful not to touch the power plug with wet hands, otherwise there is a risk of electric shock.

6. The vacuum heat press cannot be installed in a place that is humid and easily splashed with water, otherwise it may cause electrical insulation failure and cause the risk of electric shock and fire. Since the matrials of 

servo electric press are different, press machine need be paid attention.


7. It is very important that the installation, inspection, maintenance and replacement of electronic tubes and electronic components of the vacuum heat press should be carried out by professional and technical personnel with electrical qualification certificates. Misoperations by persons lacking the necessary technical skills may have serious consequences.

Ⅱ. The daily maintenance method of the vacuum heat press

1. The sealing ring of the steam elbow. The steam pipe rotating joints of many vacuum hot presses adopt the sealing device of asbestos packing. The asbestos thread is soaked in polytetrafluoroethylene plastic and pressed tightly in the original stuffing box to avoid asbestos under high temperature. The air leakage phenomenon that occurs when the filler is easy to harden has a good effect, but it is not very convenient to use. When replacing the sealing ring, the ring behind the spherical shape needs to be cut off at a 45° bevel angle to be put on, but it does not affect the sealing effect. For related products, we also have hot press for c frame.

2. Maintenance of the hot platen of the vacuum hot press. The upper and lower linings of the hot-pressed plate have the function of protecting the surface of the hot-pressed plate. The upper liner directly affects the quality of the fiberboard surface. Dirt such as fibers is often caught between the liner and the hot-pressed plate. The liner should be disassembled regularly to clean up the dirt. The upper liner is generally replaced once a week in order to polish the surface and ensure the quality of the finished board surface.

3. When installing the upper liner, be sure to pad the fiberboard before pressing it up. Damaged slabs or slabs of different sizes cannot be put into the vacuum hot press, and it is not allowed to directly press the fiberboard without the liner. If the vacuum hot press is shut down for a long time, it is necessary to remove the steam condensate in the hot pressing plate in time to avoid internal corrosion.

4. Part (or all) of the hot plate of the vacuum heat press is not hot, indicating that the internal channel is blocked, or the channel has a "short circuit" phenomenon. At this time, a special deep hole drilling machine is required to open the channel for inspection, and it can continue to be used after removing obstacles.

5. Partial air leakage is found on the hot plate of the vacuum hot press, which can be repaired and repaired by electric welding. After welding, the water pressure should be tested, and the pressure is 1.2 to 1.4 times the steam pressure. If the leak is caused by severe internal corrosion, it should be replaced.

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