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How Should the Debugging of the Electric Cylinder Be Carried Out?

Many devices now require electric cylinders to control during use. This is because the electric cylinder can directly control the motor, and the running speed and accuracy of the servo cylinder motor will be affected by the electric cylinder. Therefore, in order to improve the working efficiency of the motor, attention should be paid to the selection of the electric cylinder. At present, people put forward higher requirements for the production of electric cylinders, and the technology and production concept of electric cylinders have been greatly improved. With the increasing demand for electric cylinders, users began to notice many problems in the process of purchasing electric cylinders.

1. Several aspects of electric cylinder selection reference

What methods should be followed when choosing a fast electric cylinder? When choosing an electric cylinder device, you can see the prices of products with different performances. For the production process of some products, electric cylinders composed of high-quality materials are stable and reliable in electricity consumption during use, and can also provide a lot of convenience for production work, but the price of this electric cylinder will be higher than that of general products, so users can choose a suitable electric cylinder for application according to their own requirements.

In addition, when purchasing an electric cylinder, you should know the actual classification of the product. The electric cylinder products sold on the market can be distinguished according to their grades. The higher the grade of the electric cylinder, the higher the accuracy, and the user can also customize it, so it can achieve good application effect. In the selection of electric cylinders, it is also necessary to pay attention to the large thrust value of the product. When the thrust of the large electric cylinder reaches a certain standard, the load will change accordingly, so consider various factors when purchasing an electric cylinder, and then make a correct purchase decision, so that the application effect of the electric cylinder device is good. As you may have interest, we have electric cylinders for sale

2. How to develop the debugging work of the electric cylinder

How do we do the debugging of the electric cylinder after purchasing the electric cylinder? Under normal circumstances, we need to debug it ourselves. Then come to learn how to do the debugging of the electric cylinder, including servo press cylinder.

With the development of science and technology, industrial manufacturing equipment is also constantly updated. Electric cylinder is a kind of electric actuator, which is widely used in entertainment, military, automobile, industrial manufacturing, medical equipment and other industries. At present, compared with traditional oil cylinders and hydraulic oil cylinders, the manufacturing process and method of electric oil cylinders have been greatly improved, and the motor control effect is better. No matter what kind of machine, before installing and using the product, you must master the debugging method of the product.

(1) Debugging needs to be carried out at low speed. When the electric cylinder motor is running at high speed, it cannot be debugged. At high speed, it will not only fail to achieve the purpose of operation, but also easily cause hidden dangers.

(2) During the use of the electric cylinder, the sliding device cannot move freely. If the phenomenon of movement is found, it will seriously affect the working efficiency of the equipment.

(3) Under normal circumstances, regular maintenance is not required. When the parts are faulty, please replace them in time and buy them from the original factory. Do not substitute with other products.

When using an electric servo cylinder, it is sometimes found that the device will resonate, which requires us to pay more attention. At this time, the stroke of the electric cylinder may be close to impossible, so it is necessary to adjust and reduce the stroke in time to avoid application problems such as excessive speed caused by the stroke exceeding the range.

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