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How to Guarantee the Quality of Tianyu Mechanical and Hydraulic Equipment?
  1. There is an experienced and skilled product R&D and sales team together with a group of high-quality enterprise management personnel in the Company. It is equipped with advanced manufacturing and processing equipment.

  2. There is a good production site with an independent machining workshop, production and assembly workshop, electric welding workshop, commissioning workshop, and a baking finish room.

  3. Supplier control: all component and material suppliers must issue product delivery inspection reports and product quality certificates under the prescribed inspection requirements of key components and materials.

  4. The production process is strictly controlled and tested. There are operation instructions, operating procedures, production process records, production operation flow cards, unqualified maintenance records, first inspection, self-inspection, patrol inspection, and quality control point records for each process. A series of routine inspection and confirmation inspection procedures are prepared to check and ensure the products meet the specified requirements. And the inspection records will be kept.

  5. The inspection instruments shall be calibrated and inspected regularly every year. They must be calibrated by the metrology authority with a metrological certificate.  

  6. The documented internal quality audit procedures are established to ensure the effectiveness of the quality system and the consistency of certified products, record the internal audit results, take corrective and preventive measures for the problems found in the audit in time, and record them.

How to Customize the Non-Standard Equipment?

When customizing the non-standard equipment, it is necessary for the manufacturing enterprises to provide good solutions and equipment, such as providing the requirements of the function and the detailed parameter requirements of the product characteristics. The scheme of the overall schematic diagram, partially schematic diagram, operation description and equipment technical parameters will be drawn according to customers' requirements of product quality, the efficiency of equipment production, working environment, the production process flow and the dimension. 

How to Maintain the Equipment?

The warranty period of our press fit machine is one year, and the maintenance is free within one year. Meanwhile, there is a team of expert and experienced after-sales engineers, who are able to quickly analyze and deal with the causes of any failures. At the same time, the relevant colleagues will follow up on the progress in the whole process to ensure the quality of after-sales service.

How to Solve the Problem When the Vulnerable Parts of the Equipment are Damaged with the Warranty Period Expired? How to Purchase?

Our equipment accessories are the famous brands, and there are always common parts in the warehouse, which can be purchased by customers. For the non-standard parts, our company provides them with extra charge, and the equipment can enjoy a life-long maintenance service with extra charge.