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What Are the Characteristics of CNC Hydraulic Press?

Numerical control hydraulic presses are used in many factories, and they play a very important role, but many people have little knowledge of it. The following is a brief introduction to its characteristics.

1. Features of CNC hydraulic press:

Unlike other electric servo press, CNC hydraulic press have several special features:

(1) The fuselage adopts a C-shaped structure, which is similar to the traditional mechanical punch. The structure is simple and compact, the floor space is small, and the operation is convenient.

(2) The master cylinder is a piston-type oil cylinder with an internal acceleration cylinder, which can accelerate down and slow down to increase production efficiency.

(3) The oil cylinder is placed above the fuselage. When the oil cylinder is working, it is pressed from top to bottom, the lower die is stationary, and the upper die is pressed.

(4) The electrical system adopts PLC+touch screen+proportional amplifier, cooperates with the proportional hydraulic system, and sends out instructions according to the process requirements to complete the process cycle action of the machine.

(5) The hydraulic system of the CNC hydraulic press adopts the integrated form of hydraulic manifold oil circuit to realize the cyclic action required by the process.

(6) The fuselage is cast as a whole, and after high temperature aging treatment, it has good rigidity and small deformation.

(7) PLC control is adopted, and the action speed, pressure, time, and pressing position can be arbitrarily set on the screen, with high precision and good performance.

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2. Do a good job in the maintenance of CNC hydraulic presses

Correct use of CNC hydraulic presses, including hydraulic press for bearing fitting, careful maintenance and strict implementation of safe operating procedures are the main conditions for extending the service life of the equipment and ensuring safe production. Therefore, the operator should not only be familiar with the structure and performance of the machine, but also pay attention to the following points.

(1) The debugging and maintenance of the equipment requires staff. When the hydraulic components are disassembled, the components should be placed in a clean place, and each sealed surface should not be scratched.

(2) Hydraulic oil is the energy transmission medium when the equipment is working. The quality, cleanliness and viscosity of the hydraulic oil play a major role in the life of the hydraulic pump, hydraulic valve and hydraulic cylinder. Therefore, attention should be paid to the hydraulic oil when using the hydraulic station. quality and keep the hydraulic oil clean. The oil used in the system should be strictly filtered, and an oil filter should be configured in the system.

(3) Under the condition of ensuring the normal operation of the CNC hydraulic press system, the pressure of the hydraulic pump should be adjusted as low as possible, and the pressure of the back pressure valve should be adjusted as low as possible to reduce energy loss and heat generation.

(4) In order to prevent dust and water from falling into the oil, the surroundings of the fuel tank should be kept clean and regular maintenance should be carried out.

(5) The liquid level of the equipment oil tank should always be kept relatively high, so that the oil in the system has sufficient circulating cooling conditions, and pay attention to keep the oil tank, pipes and other equipment clean to facilitate heat dissipation. Generally, the oil temperature is 30℃-55℃, which is a safe temperature, which is a more appropriate operating temperature, with higher performance and longer life. When the oil temperature is higher than 60°C, its service life will decrease for every 8°C rise.

(6) Try to avoid that the pressure in the CNC hydraulic press system is lower than the atmospheric pressure. At the same time, a good sealing device should be used. When the seal fails, it should be replaced in time. The stress-bearing screws are: cylinder guide sleeve screws, piston rod flange screws etc., to be tightened regularly to avoid loosening. Avoid air entering the hydraulic system and oil leakage.

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