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Simply Understand The Components And Characteristics Of The Servo Hydraulic Press

Components of servo hydraulic press

The servo hydraulic press is mainly composed of moving plate, moving table, guide post, main oil cylinder, hydraulic system, servo motor, electrical system, pressure sensor, pipeline and so on. It includes auxiliary cylinder, main cylinder, filling valve, reversing valve, one-way sequence valve, reversing valve, pressure gauge, globe valve, reversing valve, reversing valve, relief valve, servo motor, metering pump, oil filter, fuel tank, relief valve and its controller.

Characteristics of servo hydraulic press

  1. Less heat, reduce refrigeration costs, reduce hydraulic oil costs: servo-driven hydraulic press hydraulic system without overflow heating, no flow flow in the slider at rest, so no hydraulic resistance heating, the calorific value of the hydraulic system is generally 10% ~ 30% of that of the traditional hydraulic press. Due to the characteristics of zero rotational speed and small calorific value of the pump most of the time, the oil tank of the servo-controlled hydraulic press can be smaller than that of the traditional hydraulic press, oil change time can also be extended, so the consumption of hydraulic oil servo drive hydraulic press is generally only about 50% of the traditional hydraulic press.

  2. High efficiency of the servo hydraulic press machine: through proper acceleration and deceleration control and energy optimization, the speed of the servo controlled hydraulic press can be greatly increased, the working rhythm can be increased several times than the traditional hydraulic press, and can reach 10/min ~ 15/min.

  3. High degree of automation, good flexibility, high precision: servo drive hydraulic pressure, speed, position for full closed-loop digital control, high degree of automation, high precision. In addition, the pressure and speed can be controlled programmatically to meet the needs of various processes.

  4. Low noise: servo-driven hydraulic oil pump generally used internal meshing gear pump, the traditional hydraulic press generally used axial piston pump, after testing and calculation, in general working conditions, ten servo hydraulic presses produce less noise than a universal hydraulic press of the same size.

  5. Energy saving and emission reduction: hydraulic and electronic control using intelligent servo energy-saving system, energy saving 50%-70% .

  6. Precision: each machine is equipped with an infrared safety grating, which can effectively protect the operator, patent control of servo intelligence, and ensure the repeated positioning accuracy of the machine to ± 0.03 mm and the pressure error to ± 1%.

  7. Stable and durable: the frame adopts the whole machine frame structure, the slide adopts the precision guide rail to run, the anti-vibration and anti-side pressure are strong, the whole machine is stable, the precision is durable, suitable for blanking, forming, extruding and other kinds of work, artistic use.

  8. Low failure rate: servo intelligent patent control system, do not do useless work, oil temperature is not easy to rise, and no negative pressure in the oil system, greatly reduce the failure, extend the service life of hydraulic components, electrical appliances, it has the function of automatic alarm and one-button reset.

  9. Easy maintenance: because the abolition of the hydraulic system proportional servo hydraulic valve, speed control circuit, pressure control circuit, the hydraulic system greatly simplified. The requirement of cleanliness of hydraulic oil is far less than that of the hydraulic proportional servo system, which reduces the influence of hydraulic oil pollution on the system.

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