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Pay Special Attention to High Temperature when Operating the Servo Electric Cylinder

The application range of the servo electric cylinder is very wide, basically in any kind of environment, in some cases, the servo electric cylinder is used in a high temperature environment, then in a high temperature state, will the servo electric cylinder be affected?

1. Precautions when operating the servo electric cylinder

The ambient temperature of the fast electric cylinder should not be too high during use, otherwise the high temperature will reduce the service life of the servo electric cylinder and damage the parts. In the high temperature environment, the servo electric cylinder will not only cause its own problems, because the production of servo electric cylinders are basically made of metal, and metal has good thermal conductivity, so be careful of burns when using servo electric cylinders at high temperatures.

During the use of the servo electric cylinder, lubricating oil needs to be added regularly. The lubricating oil also has certain requirements for the temperature. When the temperature is too high, the viscosity of the lubricating oil will become lower, and when the temperature is too low, the viscosity of the lubricating oil is insufficient; this is why the wear and tear of the servo press cylinder will increase when the temperature is too high.

For the above situations, when using the servo electric cylinder at high temperature, we should pay attention everywhere, and we should always check whether our servo electric cylinder is seriously worn or not. During the actual production operation, we must take certain safety measures to prevent Burns, and coagulant needs to be added when filling lubricating oil. The servo electric cylinder can continue to be used at high temperature, but it will be affected to a certain extent. Therefore, it is recommended that you do not use the servo electric cylinder in an environment where the temperature is too high.

2. Operation points of fixed installation of servo electric cylinder

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In the process of installing and using the servo motor cylinder, some application skills and maintenance methods should be paid attention to. If the servo motor cylinder can be maintained regularly, the working efficiency of the motor can be improved and the service life of the product can be prolonged. Moreover, the servo electric cylinder is also a precision product, so the staff need to follow the correct installation and operation method to use it. The servo electric cylinder has stable performance and gives full play to the advantages of the product.

So what are the operating points to master when installing a servo electric cylinder? Although the production principles of servo electric cylinder products on the market are not very different at present, different types of servo electric cylinders can achieve different application effects during operation, so the structure and installation methods of the products are also different. Again, check the product description before installing the servo shaft. Servo electric cylinders used in all industries have greatly improved the production process, and the products do not require a lot of maintenance work during the working process. Workers usually only need to perform simple cleaning and maintenance to maintain the original performance state of the servo motor cylinder.

It should also be noted that the motor and servo electric cylinder need to be viewed as a whole. The two parts of the device are fixedly connected by prescribed components. After the installation is complete, no other debugging operations are required. If the servo motor cylinder fails, the staff cannot disassemble the servo cylinder for inspection, and must be inspected and dealt with by professionals.

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