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The Difference Between Servo Press and Ordinary Press

Ⅰ. The difference between a servo press and a general press

The primary driving method of the precision servo press: the servo press is driven by a servo motor and is a pressure device for high-precision ball screws. The pressure is directly converted by the torque output of the servo motor. Generally, the press machine is driven by the motor oil pump, changes direction through the reversing valve, and then performs pressure operation through the hydraulic cylinder. The pressure passes through the oil pipe and the valve body, and there is a certain loss.

Professional precision servo presses are energy-saving and environmentally friendly: servo presses use servo motors. When the eletric press machine is in standby mode, the motor does not spin. In addition, the speed and power also changed during the press equipment process. In a general press machine, the motor always rotates during standby, requiring a certain amount of power. It also rotates at a constant speed during the job, and the power consumption will be higher. Compared with servo motors, the noise is also higher.

Ⅱ. The advantages of servo presses

1. Low-cost maintenance, the compact electric cylinder only needs regular grease injection and lubrication when working in a complex environment, and no wearing parts need to be maintained and replaced, which will reduce a lot of after-sales service costs compared with hydraulic systems and pneumatic systems. The best substitute for hydraulic cylinders and air cylinders, and to achieve the advantages of more environmentally friendly, more energy-saving and cleaner, it is easy to connect with control systems such as PLC to achieve high-precision motion control.  We also have servo press cylinder.

2. The cylinder can be trouble-free in harsh environments, and the protection level can reach IP66. Long-term work, and achieve high-intensity, high-speed, high-precision positioning, smooth movement, low noise. Therefore, it can be widely used in the paper industry, chemical industry, automobile industry, electronics industry, machinery automation industry, welding industry, etc.

3. Configuration flexibility, can provide very flexible installation configuration, a full range of installation components, installation front flange, rear flange, side flange, tail hinge, trunnion installation, guide module, etc. can be installed in line with the servo motor, or parallel installation; various accessories, limit switches, planetary reducers, preload nuts, etc. can be added; AC brake motors, DC motors, stepper motors, and servo motors can be selected for driving.

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