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What Are the Applications of Servo Presses in Various Industries?

With the development of economy and the improvement of industrial level, more and more industrial equipments are invented. Servo press is a kind of press, which uses servo motor to drive and control, including servo press for metal forging and refractory industry special servo press.

Due to the numerical control characteristics of the servo motor, it is sometimes widely referred to as a numerical control press. The servo press drives the eccentric gear through a servo motor to realize the sliding movement process. Through complex electrification control, the electric servo press can arbitrarily program the stroke, speed, pressure, etc. of the slider, and can even reach the nominal tonnage of the press at low speed.  And we also provide servo hydraulic press machine.

The following will introduce the application of servo presses in various industries.

1. Application of servo press

(1) Refractory industry: molding of refractory bricks, special-shaped refractory bricks and refractory balls.

(2) Automotive industry: Press-fit of engine components (cylinder head, cylinder liner, oil seal, etc.), press-fit of steering gear components (gear, pin shaft, etc.), press-fit of drive shaft components, press-fit of gearbox components, brake disc components, etc.

(3) Motor industry: press-fit micro-motor components (spindle, housing, etc.) motor components (bearings, spindles, etc.).

(4) Electronics industry: press-fit circuit board components (plug-ins, etc.), electronic components.

(5) Home appliance industry: home appliance accessories, riveting of home appliance accessories, etc.

(6) Machinery industry: mechanical parts, automatic assembly line, life test of wearing parts, etc.

2. Servo press is an upgraded product of pressure machinery and equipment

The overall design of the electric servo press includes four-column servo press, bow servo press, servo motor hydraulic press and column servo press, which have different names in different industries. The mechanical equipment of the servo press adopts a four-column chemical structure at most, the pressure is uniform, and the parallel surface precision is controllable/adjustable. Embedding two locating pins allows adjustment of parallel faces and pressure bearing capacity. Pressure installation schedules are tailored to product requirements. Match different overall designs according to different products.

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