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The Electric Cylinder Relies on These Advantages to Make the Latecomer Surpass the Former

With its excellent performance and advantages, electric cylinders have gradually replaced hydraulic cylinders in the field of automated industrial production. This is because the servo electric cylinder, as a novel integrated electromechanical device, has many advantages in use.

1. Servo electric cylinder has good transmission and low loss

At present, the choice of electric cylinders in transmission is mostly precision ball screws or planetary roller screws. The use of these two transmission methods reduces the use of electric cylinders for complex mechanical structures and greatly improves transmission efficiency, so that the transmission efficiency of the electric cylinder can reach more than 90%, while the efficiency of the hydraulic cylinder and the oil cylinder generally does not exceed 50%. And we can provide electric cylinders for sale if you want to purchase relevant products.

2. There are many usage scenarios of servo electric cylinders

The compact electric cylinder has a strong ability to adapt to the environment when it is used. No matter what kind of environment, the electric cylinder can be used normally, and it is not easily affected by the surrounding temperature when it is used. No matter what kind of bad weather, the use of the electric cylinder will not stop because of this.

3. Servo electric cylinder has high precision

Compared with the rough positioning of hydraulic cylinders or oil cylinders, the positioning of servo press cylinder is much more accurate. At present, most of the electric cylinders on the market can achieve precise positioning of about 0.01mm, which boasts high positioning accuracy and is suitable for applications that have high requirements on precision. 

4. The servo electric cylinder has a simple structure and is easy to maintain

The current electric cylinder is no longer the original electric cylinder. The current electric cylinder has a simple overall structure and small volume, and will not occupy a large area of work when it is used. Moreover, because of the simple structure of the electric cylinder, it is easy to find the reason in the event of a fault and the usual maintenance is also very convenient.

5. The quality of servo electric cylinder is reliable

When the electric cylinder is used, it is used with the sensor system, which can detect and feedback the working status of the electric cylinder in time, and reduce the occurrence of accidents to a greater extent. Because of the particularity of the transmission system of servo electric cylinder, the friction force will be greatly reduced, and the wear of the material will be reduced accordingly, improving the operation stability and prolonging the service life.

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