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Types and Characteristics of Four-column Hydraulic Press Machines

Ⅰ. Mechanical types of four-column hydraulic press machines

Four-column hydraulic press, also known as hydraulic press, is a machine made of Pascal's law that uses liquid pressure transmission. There are many types. Of course, the usage is also varied according to needs. The four-column hydraulic press is composed of two parts: the main engine and the control mechanism. The main part of the hydraulic press includes hydraulic cylinders, beams, columns and liquid filling devices. The power mechanism is composed of fuel tank, high pressure pump, control system, electric motor, pressure valve, directional valve and so on. The servo hydraulic press machine is suitable for the pressing process of plastic materials. Such as powder product molding, plastic product molding, cold (hot) extrusion metal molding, thin plate stretching and horizontal pressing, bending pressing, turning, correction and other processes. As well as trimming of die-casting parts, etc., the four-column hydraulic press has an independent power mechanism and electrical system, and adopts centralized control of buttons, which can realize three operation modes: adjustment, manual and semi-automatic.

Ⅱ. The characteristics of four-column hydraulic press

The four-column hydraulic press machine has an independent power mechanism and electrical system. It adopts centralized control of buttons and can realize three working modes: adjustment, manual and semi-automatic: the working pressure of the machine, the pressing speed, the travel and range of no-load fast down and deceleration are all available. It can be adjusted according to the needs of the process and can complete the ejection process. It can be equipped with three process methods: ejection process and stretching process. Each process has two process actions of constant pressure and fixed range. The constant pressure forming process is in the pressing process. And servo motor hydraulic press indeed hace some specific characteristics.

After that, it has ejection delay and automatic return. Independent power organization and electrical system, and centralized control with buttons, can complete adjustment and semi-automatic operation methods. Its mobile workbench is driven by frequency conversion controller, and its electrical selection is PLC programmable controller, which is conducive to improving the automation degree of this series of our china hydraulic press machine, increasing production efficiency and reducing the labor intensity of operators.

1. Reduce quality and save materials. For typical parts such as automobile engine brackets and radiator brackets, hydroformed parts are 20%-40% lighter than stamped parts, and for hollow stepped shaft parts, the weight can be reduced by 40%-50%.

2. Reduce the number of parts and molds? Reduce mold costs. Hydroformed parts usually only need one set of molds, while stamping parts mostly require multiple sets of molds. The number of hydroformed engine bracket parts was reduced from 6 to 1, and the number of radiator bracket parts was reduced from 17 to 10.

3. The four-column hydraulic press improves the strength and rigidity, especially the fatigue strength. For example, the rigidity of the hydroformed radiator bracket can be increased by 39% in the vertical direction and 50% in the horizontal direction.

4. Reduce production costs. According to the statistical analysis of applied hydroformed parts, the production cost of hydroformed parts is 15%-20% lower than that of stamping parts on average, and the mold cost is reduced by 20%-30%.

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