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Undersurface Filling Machine

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In recent years, with the rapid development of science and technology, the filling machine of machinery industry has developed quickly. The wide application of automation and intelligent technology allows the human to enter the era of automation quickly. And the filling machine industry also benefits a lot. TY703 series under-surface filling machine is a technical product independently developed by Tianyu Machinery to meet the customer's requirements. It is available to the under-surface assembly products of auto parts industry.

Undersurface Filling Machine
  • Undersurface Filling Machine
  • Industrial Filling Machine
  • Undersurface Filling Machine
  • Industrial Filling Machine

Operating Principle Of Undersurface Filling Machine

The under-surface filling machine is mainly a small kind of product in the classification of special machinery for auto parts in pressing equipment with the features of assembling the product in the liquid to avoid the bubbles in the assembly process.

Product Use Of Undersurface Filling Machine

The equipment can be widely applied to the canned products in the auto parts industry, for under-surface assembly of auto rubber bushings and rubber mounting.

Main Functions Of Undersurface Filling Machine

  1. Liquid seal: mainly includes two processes: under-surface exhausting and under-surface riveting.

  2. Under-surface exhausting: remove the small bubbles (there are small bubbles on the surface of the workpiece when the components are put into the liquid. Remove the bubbles before under-surface riveting. Wash the surface of the workpiece in the liquid with the liquid flow to remove the bubbles.)

  3. Under-surface riveting: place the workpiece to the assembly station to complete the assembly riveting, and the workpiece will not expose to the liquid surface during the removal.

  4. Oil groove: it is equipped with a heating device and heat preservation device, which can keep the temperature of oil groove constant, and the temperature can be set to - 60 ℃

    The oil groove is equipped with a liquid level sensor, which can automatically pump to add when the liquid is insufficient. The material of the liquid storage groove is made of stainless steel. With the filter device, it can carry out large circulation filtration.

    Product size chart(See attachment: CAD)

    Technical parameters(See attachment: CAD)

Product Advantages Of Undersurface Filling Machine

  1. Based on the roles of various departments of the enterprise and the concept of quality management, the equipment operating system is specially developed and designed by combining the data requirements of Industry 4.0 ;

  2. The corresponding formula can be created according to the drawing number or mold number. Call out the previous formula used by the model to complete production activities when changing the product model. The upper limit of the formula is 999,999 sets;

  3. Query the filling historical data;

  4. Data storage: historical data can be backed up to U disk or network server, and can be viewed by generating an Excel form;

  5. Pressure/displacement curve: it can sample up to 200 sets of pressure/displacement data in the pressing process, draw a curve and store it;

  6. Scan the external information with the bar code scanner, which can help the user to quickly store and call out the formula parameters as well as making the product quality traceable;

  7. The machine adopts the CNC hydraulic system, and the pressure closed loop is formed by the proportional valve and the force cell, and the pressure force of the equipment is not affected by the temperature, voltage, and material rigidity. Therefore, the pressure control accuracy can reach 1% (This is not for the filling equipment).

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