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C Frame Press Machine

Under the background of the increasing demand of universal hydraulic press market, our company has launched a high-precision and energy-saving servo hydraulic press, whose appearance and sound accuracy are superior to the common hydraulic press. Compared with the traditional C frame press machine, the servo hydraulic press machine adopts the servo motor and oil pump as the hydraulic power source. The pressure and flow of the oil system can be realized by the controllable features of the output torque and speed of the servo motor respectively. The direction of the oil cylinder is controlled by the reversing valve. Compared with the traditional CNC hydraulic press machine, the construction of the oil system is simple, and the service life of the servo system is long, which greatly reduces the failure rate and the maintenance costs.

Servo hydraulic press machine is universal and controllable. By adding a force sensor and displacement sensor on the hydraulic press tool and with the data acquisition and system processing by the microcomputer, it is converted into pressing force value for digital display. When the servo motor hydraulic press machine exceeds the limit, it sends out the audible and visuals alarm and shutdown signal, to achieve the purpose of automatic control of pressing force. It meets the data requirements of Industry 4.0 and can also be used as an independent unit of automatic production line.

Universal Hydraulic Press Machine FAQs

  • How to ensure that the interference force meets the requirements in the bushing press-in process?

    The interference force generated in the bushing press-in process can be monitored in real time with CNC hydraulic press. The CNC hydraulic press machine manufactured by Ningbo Tianyu Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. can judge the pressure of each pressing, directly remove the unqualified products in the production process, and draw the pressure curve and data report, which fully meets the requirements of Industry 4.0.

  • Can the universal hydraulic press directly control the displacement? How much control accuracy?

    The CNC hydraulic press can perform precise displacement control. It mainly consists of a cylinder, a mechanical theme mechanism and a control system. The control accuracy is different for each manufacturer. For example, Ningbo Tianyu, 0.01Mm. For more details, please consult the manufacturer.

  • How to deal with the unstable pressure of CNC hydraulic press?

    The control pressure of CNC hydraulic press is mainly signaled by the host computer, and then the signal amplifier controls it by controlling the proportional valve, and finally the output is completed by the oil cylinder. The CNC hydraulic press machine designed by Ningbo Tianyu Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. forms a closed-loop control of the output to get the control accuracy of 0.1%.

  • How to judge the CNC hydraulic press machine is good or not?

    There are mainly two aspects as follows: first, the target industry of the equipment. Second, the development direction of the company. The CNC hydraulic press machine produced by Ningbo Tianyu Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is mainly aimed at the pressing process of auto parts. This is the most demanding process in the auto parts industry, for it is directly concerned with the recall ratio and the failure rate of automobiles. The equipment is used in the production of high-end auto parts, various types of laboratories and aviation materials in China. Ningbo Tianyu Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. has been engaged in solving the industry pain points to form its brand competitiveness.

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