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Main Differences Between Servo Press and Hydraulic Press

The difference between servo press and hydraulic press in driving mode

Servo electric press machine uses servo motor to drive high-precision ball screw for pressure assembly operation. The pressure is directly transformed from the torque output of the servo motor. On the other hand, ordinary hydraulic press is driven by motor-driven oil pump, changing direction through directional valve and performing pressure operation through hydraulic cylinder. The pressure goes through oil pipes and valve bodies, resulting in some loss.

The difference between servo press and hydraulic press in energy saving and environmental protection

Precision CNC electronic press uses servo motor. In standby mode, the motor does not rotate. In the pressure assembly process, the speed and power also vary. In contrast, the ordinary hydraulic press for bearing fitting, the motor is always rotating in standby mode, consuming a certain amount of power. During work, it also rotates at a constant speed, resulting in higher power consumption compared to servo motor. The noise of ordinary motor is also louder than that of servo motor.

The difference between servo press and hydraulic press in accurate control

Precision CNC electronic servo press machine can set multiple segmented stroke speeds, precise displacement stop, precise stop at position, precise stop at pressure and so on within a certain range. Ordinary hydraulic press is affected by the sealing of pipeline, valve body and cylinder body, so it is impossible to have high precision control. Many of them rely on mechanical limit to achieve. If you want to achieve the same precision control as the electronic press, the equipment cost will be much higher than that of electronic press and the control will be more complex. As you may have interest, we have a competitive and reasonable servo cylinder price.

The functions of precision electronic servo press

  • Online quality judgment of pressure assembly: the curve chart of pressure assembly force and displacement process can be displayed on the LCD touch screen. The whole process control can automatically determine whether the product is qualified at any stage during the operation, and remove 99% of the bad products in real time, thus realizing online quality management.

  • Pressure assembly force, insertion depth, pressure assembly speed, holding time and other parameters can be entered numerically on the operation panel, with a friendly interface and simple operation.

  • Servo press can customize, store and call pressure assembly programs, and seven pressure assembly modes are available to meet your different process requirements.

  • By connecting to a computer through an external port, the pressure assembly data can be stored in the computer, ensuring the traceability of product processing data and facilitating production quality control management.

  • Because the machine itself has precise pressure and displacement control functions, there is no need to add hard limit on the fixture. When processing products of different specifications, only need to call different pressure assembly programs, making it easy to achieve one machine and multiple uses and flexible assembly line.

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