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TY203 series servo hydraulic press and CNC hydraulic press are independently developed and designed by Tianyu the reliable hydraulic machine factory. with independent intellectual property rights. The servo-hydraulic press machine adopts the imported touch screen for data input and data display. The original American imported force sensor is used as the pressure acquisition signal. The system can calculate the pressure signal and displacement signal at the speed of 500 times per second, sound various alarms and draw the curve. This China servo-hydraulic machine is mainly applied to the combination of piston and piston pin of the gasoline engine, press-in of interference fit between bearing and shaft sleeve, press-in of the motor rotor and rotating shaft, water pump, turbocharger, gearbox, gear, and the interference fit in the automobile industry and the motor industry. It is a piece of pressing detection equipment with high performance, high precision, and high efficiency.

Servo Hydraulic Press
  • Servo Hydraulic Press
  • Servo Hydraulic Press Machine
  • Servo Hydraulic Press
  • Servo Hydraulic Press Machine

Operating Principle Of Servo Hydraulic Press Machine

The servo motor drive of the hydraulic press changes the ordinary motor of the transmission press into the servo motor, which is also called the servo hydraulic press machine, servo press, or servo pressing. The slider movement curve of the servo-hydraulic press can be set according to the stamping process, and the stroke can be adjusted.

Such kind of press is mainly for the materials being difficult to form, or the complex shape parts of high precision forming. Servo motor hydraulic press not only greatly improves the processing accuracy and stamping efficiency of the press, but also reduces the production cost of enterprises and saves energy by removing the flywheel and clutch.

Product Use Of Servo Hydraulic Press Machine

The servo-hydraulic press machine can be used for the interference detection of parts assembly with pressing force between 150-600KN;

Pressing of gears, chassis parts, rear axle, and subframe bushing;

For constant pressure system;

For pressure and extension test system;

For various interference assemblies of the automobile industry and the motor industry.

Main Functions Of Servo Hydraulic Press Machine

  • Pressing mode: positioning pressing; constant pressure pressing; cycle pressing of several parts

  • Quality control: peak pressure detection; in-place detection; interference fit detection

  • Data tracking: data networking; data report; data download

  • Error proofing function: Tooling zero-point detection; user account management

  • Tooling management: product bar code scanning; tooling bar code scanning; user account permission allocation

  • Product size chart (See attachment: CAD)

  • Technical parameters (See attachment: CAD)

Industry Pain Points Of Servo Hydraulic Press

  1. The traditional press can only be pressed in, without detection;

  2. The low efficiency of the universal testing machine, unable to be put into mass production;

  3. The temperature and concentration of hydraulic oil are uncontrollable, and the stability of the system is poor;

  4. Complex debugging program and high failure rate;

  5. Long production cycle and low efficiency for energy-saving;

  6. No functions of judgment or alarm, difficult to control the product quality;

  7. Data storage is complicated and difficult to trace.

Product Advantages Of Servo Hydraulic Press

The TY203 series hydraulic servo press is the star product of Tianyu, a hydraulic press factory in China. It can display the current pressing position and pressing force in real-time during the pressing process of the product, timely and accurately judge whether the interference volume is appropriate, and display the pressing curve of the entire force and displacement, which overcomes the shortcomings of traditional presses that can only press-in without detection and that the universal testing machine with low efficiency is unable to put into mass production. With the strengthened design, the rigidity of the whole structure of the equipment far exceeds the standard of the universal hydraulic press. And the servo motor hydraulic press adopts a dust-proof design.

Specifically, it has the following eight advantages:

  1. Based on the roles of various departments of the enterprise and the concept of quality management, the equipment operating system is specially developed and designed by combining the data requirements of Industry 4.0.

  2. With a system of high stability and low failure rate, Tianyu Machinery adopts a servo-hydraulic system instead of the traditional hydraulic circuit. The pressure and liquid flow passing through the driver together with the servo motor and sensor form a closed-loop system, which will not be affected by the temperature and concentration of hydraulic oil, greatly improving the stability of the system. With fewer hydraulic accessories, it simplifies the complex debugging program and reduces the failure rate of the equipment.

  3. High precision displacement sensor detection, accurate positioning ± 0.02mm; TY203 series servo hydraulic press machine adopts the high precision displacement sensor for detection, with high repeated positioning accuracy, up to ± 0.02mm。

  4. Automatic production mode, energy-saving, and environmentally-friendly, short production cycle. Compared with the traditional model, the TY203 series hydraulic servo press can shorten the production cycle by about 20% under automatic production, and the energy-saving rate reaches 30%.

  5. The scope of operation user can be set freely. The system administrator can add or delete operation users and assign operating permissions to limit the use scope of the operation users according to the actual situation so as to improve the efficiency of collaborative work.

  6. Formula memory function, being time-saving and more efficient. TY20 series servo hydraulic universal testing machine has the function of formula memory. When changing the product model, the formula previously used by this model can be called out to carry out production activities without repeating the complicated debugging work.

  7. Two control modes for free switching, the pressure curve for the whole process, and understanding the product quality in real-time.

    The two control modes of the TY203 series hydraulic servo press are position and pressure. The users can choose one of them according to the actual situation. In the operation, the process pressure curve can be drawn. It has the functions of judgment and alarm output for interference data, pressure peak data and in-place position data generated during the pressing process of the parts, which helps the users to know the quality of the products pressed in time.

  8. Bar code scanning, data storage is convenient and traceable.

    TY203 series servo hydraulic press machine also has the function of bar code scanning, which helps the users to quickly store and call out the formula parameters and make the product quality traceable. In addition, the in-place pressing data, peak pressure, and 5-point detection data can be stored in the human-computer, and downloaded to the personal computer in Excel format through U disk, or can be directly saved to the personal computer through the network.

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